Meaning of Friend?

For about 18 years in my life, I've a lot of friends. 
But there I want to share, not all your friends are your best friend.
For me, there are many types of friends in friendship. Friend for benefit, 
friend when you're happy, friend when you're sad, friend that always stick
with you no matter what, friends that will cry with you, friends that will 
forget you when they've see someone else, friend that will back you up and 
etc. Yes, I do have those friends  haha! 

*this is what they called 'true friends'*

Being betrayed by your friend? Hurt right? Believe me, I've been
in that place before. Seriously after I've been betrayed, it's very
hard for me to trust others. It's not like you can forget all those 
hurt feeling and find another friend. It's not! You know what, you
trusted them with your life but in the end they hurt you. I took
a lot of times to recover from that, but don't get it all wrong.
 I'm not hate them, because I know they've been in my life for
a lessons. And with this shit things, I am right now which
is more mature to go through things in my life. 

True friend it's not like how long you've been know them, but sometimes  and 
only sometimes it is. I have one friend and I knew her when we were 7 y/o.
Tik tok tik tok,and it have been 12 years! Although for the last 6 years, we're
not close as much we're closed when we were in primary school because 
we've been separated because of our studying but you know you do have
them in your heart and you know it will always stays in there. Have you ever
felt that kind of fear when you want to share your problems with your
best friends that doing things together but you can't because you're afraid
that they don't understand what you actually felt,but with them that you're
not so close anymore, you feel lightly to share your problems without
being depressed about what they'll thinking and respond because you know
even though you're not that close but you do know they will
understand you no matter what,and that's called true friend. 

*this is what I meant*

A good friend will ask you what's your problem when they saw
you moody or you don't act happily as always. And they will go 
after you said to them that you're alright. Yes, they are good friend
because they cared about you but true friend will ask your problems
even though in that time you're smiling because they know it's not you 
smile because you just wear it to cover it up but at last, they can smell
you that you're just act that you're fine but actually you're not.
When that things happen, it's the best feeling ever.

*dear friend, do see my 'smile' okee :') *

I love my friends! Maybe I don't said that to them because to
me saying is nothing, action is everything. Maybe some of them
see me that I'm not actually care about them, but they don't know
how much I knew them. Friends is important because they are the
one that be our 'colour' in our life after our family. 

Ya Allah,ampunilah dosa-dosaku :')

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